It is impossible today, to turn on the news and not see a new and frightening story about the terrible atrocities being committed by ISIS in the name of Islam around the world. At times like these, we ALL have questions… we ALL want to understand how things like this can happen, and unfortunately, we ALL tend to make ill-informed judgements about entire cultures because of the heinous acts committed by just a few, deluded individuals.
Most of us in the west are unfortunately uneducated when it comes to the subject of Islam, which only feeds into our fears and misunderstandings. It is for this reason that I decided to reach out to one of my closest HelloTalk, Muslim friends to have a serious discussion about Islam and ISIS, and to ask him to help me to undertand his religion more as well as the perversion of Islam that ISIS represents.
If more of us around the world could sit down together and have discussions like these, we would all come to realize that we CAN achieve peace, through understanding.