Hello World!  My name is Mark!  Nice to meet you!! 🙂

How many friends do you have from other countries or cultures?  Do you like to discover exciting new things about the world we live in?  Do you want to help create a new community of Global citizens?

Think about how our world has grown…  We started early in our history as humans to gather in small groups and tribes, knowing only the very small world around us…  Then as time progressed, we began to gather in larger and larger groups, thereby expanding our idea of “the world”.  Tribes became villages… villages became towns… towns became cities… cities became city-states… which gave way to territories and eventually countries.  Our knowledge of our world increased as our communities grew.  Suddenly the world was no longer flat and there was a whole “new world” to explore.

Our understanding of other peoples, places, and cultures continued to grow as our concepts and ideas of the world and universe expanded. This trend has continued, through technology, to help us to break down walls of distance and communication, allowing us to feel as though our ever-expanding world is actually smaller and smaller… And we begin to see that our differences, which seemed so immense before, become less and less important as we come to discover that we are far more similar than we are different.

I remember when my father took me into our basement to listen to the old shortwave radio we owned and I remember being fascinated by hearing the voices of BBC London or Radio France from all the way across the ocean coming through that radio.  I wanted to know more about these people… and these places.  Fast forward 30 years…

I may live in a small city in Ohio, but now I am able to feel connected to the entire world in a way never before possible.  I finally feel like the global citizen I have always wanted to be. 🙂  Everyday, I talk to people from every corner of the world, and everyday I have the privilege of making new and incredibly interesting friends, whom I sincerely hope one day soon I will meet in person!