Maria, Moscow


Location: Moscow, Age: 29

I am fond of such sports as snowboarding and longboarding, and I also Like to read poetry.  🙂

Why and how I use HelloTalk:

I like this app because it’s very helpful and useful for learning languages.  People from all over the world can share their skills and knowledge with each other.  I think it’s great!

Interesting people I've met or interesting/unexpected things I've learned using HelloTalk:

I have many friends with whom I talk through recordings, or correct the mistakes of each other.  I was surprised that there are so many people seriously learning Russian!

Studies: Right now, I am studying English. :) This is my main goal, but it is very difficult without practice. That's why I like HelloTalk! Three places I recommend you visit or see in my city:

As you know, Russia is huge.  So, it’s difficult to choose only three places to see, but I advise you to visit the main cities of Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg.  Also, you should see the towns in the Gold Ring (the cities northeast of Moscow),  Pereslavl-Zallesky and Yaroslavl.

Favorite Local Foods:

If you want to try Russian traditional dishes, I recommend you try these three:

1.) Pancakes with caviar

File Feb 25, 12 36 57 AM

2.) Borsch (it is considered the national soup of Ukraine, but it is a traditional dish for all slavs and we consider it a national dish too).

File Feb 25, 12 36 10 AM

3.) Siberian pelmeni

File Feb 25, 12 37 10 AM

Favorite Local Music:

I am a modern person and I don’t know why, but for some reason many of our singers sound like they are stuck in the 90’s.  But some of them can be listened to. 😉

Ivan Dorn is from Ukraine, but he sings in Russian.

And Zemfira is also good.  She is from Ufa.



Favorite books and movies:

I prefer to read modern Russian poetry or world bestsellers, like “The Empire of the Angels” by Bernard Werber.

I also adore watching crazy cartoons like Adventure Time or Sponge Bob.  😉

Favorite Local Places:

If you go to Moscow, I recommend that you see The Historical Centre of Moscow (The Kremlin and so on…), take a walk in Gorky Park, and see the Kolomenskoe Park (there you can see the Csar’s Palace from the period of the Romanov dynasty).

File Feb 25, 12 37 22 AM File Feb 25, 12 37 33 AM File Feb 25, 12 37 46 AM


I have already visited 12 countries…  Italy, Greece, Spain, Austria, Germany, The Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria, and Ukraine.  Now, I dream of one day going to Britain and Latin America (Cuba and Mexico).