Lujza, Debrecen


Location: Debrecen, Originally from: Miskolc, Hungary Age: 21

I love to play the piano… Actually, it’s more than a hobby, making music has always been a part of my life. I do it when I’m happy, as well as in dark periods. It makes me feel relaxed and that’s the only way I can escape from my problems for a little time. I also play the guitar and sing in a choir.

Why and how I use HelloTalk:

My friend from Costa Rica offered it to me, saying it’s a pretty good app for learning other languages. I got interested and gave it a try. I didn’t regret J . A lot of people already wrote me from many different countries, and I love it how easy it is to discover other people’s cultures and habits. I think this new knowledge is wonderful and very interesting. I mostly use the ’correction’ function, but i hope with time I’ll properly learn how to use other functions in this app.

Interesting people I've met or interesting/unexpected things I've learned using HelloTalk:

I’ve met many special people here, actually if something/somebody is different, that’s already interesting for me. The biggest surprise was to find out how many people wanna learn hungarian language and how strongly they can hold on to that idea, even knowing that it’s a long procedure that needs hard working. Also, I love how people from different countries have totally different pronunciation-and I always feel like receiving a challenge to understand every part of the voice message, even if I hear hungarian talking. 😀

Studies: I study general medicine at Debrecen Medical University. Three places I recommend you visit or see in my city:

The Chain Bridge, probably the most popular sight in the capital, Budapest. It’s simply beautiful, especially at night, and you can also see the Parliament from there.

Bridge 1 Bridge 2

The Sziget Festival in Budapest, every year in August. It’s amazing and very famous, a lot of people come from all over Europe. Many worldwide famous musician come here every year.

Festival 1 Festival 2

The Cavebath in my hometown, Miskolc. Very enjoyable and lovely, if you ever visit that city, you must go there. 🙂

Cave1 Cave2

Heros’ square in Budapest:a historical monument with several statues, presenting hungarian leaders and other persons and there’s the millenium memorial in the middle.

Hero1 Hero2

The Abbey of Tihany at the Lake Balaton (the ’Hungarian sea’) . It’s on a half-island and has a very long historical past. 9 friars live there in the monastery.

Abbey1 Abbey2

Favorite Local Foods:

The hungarian goulash is a delicious and famous soup, with meat, potato, and other vegetables. We eat it with bread and at some places it is served in a big bowl.


Körözött’ is a tasty food made of cottage cheese, garlic and onion. We put it on bread or roll, and you can add cold cuts and vegetables to it.



’Kürtőskalács’ (’chimney cake’) is a sweet cake with barrel shape and many flavours: cinnamon, vanilla, coca, walnut, coco and so on.


Although it’s not a food, I must mention the Hungarian Pálinka, which is our famous alcoholic drink. It can be made of any kinds of fruits, and if you go anywhere to a hungarian home, probably they will offer you to drink some pálinka.  🙂


Favorite Local Music:
  1. Republic:
  2. Edda:
  3. Quimby:
  4. Omega: (’White dove’ by Scorpions is a cover of this song!)
  5. Irie Maffia:
  6. Tankcsapda:
  7. Piramis:
  8. LGT:
  9. Brains:
Favorite books and movies:

I don’t really have a favourite one of these, now I’m reading ’The Selfish Gene’ from Richard Dawkins and I find it very interesting.

I would put ’Shutter island’ , ’Kill Bill’ , ’Butterfly effect’ and ’Sin city’ as my favourite moovies, and the best TV show I’ve ever seen is Dexter. 🙂

Friends, family, and/or pets:

My loving family (parents and brothers)…



My cousins (not all of them, 3 of them missing from this pic)…


Our two dogs…



I’m very lucky, because I’ve travelled to many places, mostly in Europe, but also in America, Africa and Asia. I’ve been to France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Croatia, Turkey, Japan, Egypt, Tunisia and the USA. I’ve seen a lot, but yet my dream is to travel around the world. My most desired places are Brazil, Jamaica, Costa Rica, somewhere in the middle of Africa, Australia and India.

Hopes and dreams for the future of the world:

Well, I hope I will be able to visit many places, and try some extreme sports like bungee jumping and white-water rafting.  I would like to go once to a third world country to volunteer, treat and heal people and get back only their love instead of money…  that must be a wonderful feeling.

Also, my final goal is to find a perfect balance between my career as a doctor, and my family…  giving my loved-ones everything they need and make them as happy as possible.  🙂