Hogir, Soran


Location: Soran, Originally from: Iraqi Kurdistan Age: 24

…being with friends and enemies

…listening and playing music

and sleeping…  (but in fact, I rarely have time to sleep)


Why and how I use HelloTalk:

to learn languages and to find good friends…  🙂

Interesting people I've met or interesting/unexpected things I've learned using HelloTalk:

I have many friends in HelloTalk, but I found a really good one named Mark.  I want to thank him.  He is a nice guy.

Occupation: I am work for a police department. Studies: I am studying accounting now. Three places I recommend you visit or see in my city:

If you want to visit our region, I recommend that you see the Erbil lifestyle, Qalat Erbil castle, the Abu Shabab restaurant, the Nobel hotel, Korek Mountain and Telecabine…


I haven’t visited any countries yet, but I am gonna do it! 🙂