For most of us, being American means being of immigrant descent. We all came from somewhere else (with the exception of the Native Americans that were already here, of course). Many of us obsess over tracking down the exact dates and places when and where our ancestors settled here. Understanding our roots means a lot to us…
Over the years, my family has tried to track down our own European heritage. My relatives originally emigrated here from Ireland and Slovakia in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, and while we have as yet to find my living Irish relatives, we have found and conneceted with a few members of my of my Slovak family still living near where my family originally came from. A few years ago, my mother, father and sister went to Slovakia and met with them for the first time. My father does speak a little bit of Slovak, but communication was pretty difficult. Luckily, there was a friend of the family that spoke fluent English and acted as a transltor for them.
Not long ago, I decided to reach out to my slovak family members to see if I could find someone I could invite to HelloTalk, so we could try using it to communicate! My sister emailed our cousin Juraj, and now we speak regularly using HelloTalk as our translator! He helps me learn some basic Slovak, and I help him with his English! It’s awesome! I am really hoping to connect with more of my Slovak family members this way.
This summer, I am planning my first trip to Europe and my first meeting with my Slovak family! I am very excited to meet and talk with them all! I am also planning to try to meet as many of my European HelloTalk friends as I can while I am there! Email me if you want me to come to your town!!!!