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Have you ever wondered why humans feel so disconnected from each other,  despite living in a world that’s more connected than ever before? 🙂   Why do we still treat each other as foreigners when the word “foreign” has nearly lost its meaning?   What is foreign anymore?  😉

Food…?  Cars…?  Clothes…?  Music…?

It’s all available now,  almost anytime,  anywhere,  anyplace.   Even language is not a barrier anymore!  Through the wonders of modern technology,  we are now able to communicate with almost anyone in the world!   But still… so few people do…       I want to change that.

Through this blog,  I hope that I inspire others to JOIN ME in attempting to create the world’s first true “global community”  …a place where nothing is foreign and no one is a foreigner. ”  People of Earth, UNITE!!!  🙂

Here,  I will document my quest to make at least one friend in every country in the world using the language-learning and cultural exchange app,  HelloTalk.

So… What is HelloTalk, you ask?

In my goal to teach myself Mandarin Chinese,  I stumbled across this brilliant new app designed for language learning and cultural exchange.  Whereas other language learning apps aim to directly teach you a language through a curriculum and exercises,  HelloTalk is designed to connect you with other language-learners around the world through translation-based software so that you can teach and help each other. 🙂

For example,  if you are a native English speaker who is learning French,  you can use HelloTalk to find native French speakers who want to learn English.  Seems simple enough, right?  Or,  using the HelloTalk custom search,  you can find people of any country or native language who are wishing to learn English (or whatever language you may know).  Talk about an amazing way to learn about the world!

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Location: Shanghai, , Age: 24

I like listening to pop music, watching movies, swimming and traveling.

Favorite Local Foods:

I like Sweet and Sour Pork, Fish Flavored Pork, and Pickled Fish.

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Favorite Local Music:

My favorite local musician is David Tao (Tao Zhe). “普通朋友 ;沙滩 ;爱 很简单;流沙;⿊黑⾊色柳丁” are my favorite songs by him. We call him the R&B Godfather in China. although, he said Rock is his favorite style of music. He was born in Hong Kong to Taiwanese parents but he grew up in Taiwan and in California, where his father had moved their family to work for Walt Disney. Most Chinese use QQ Music to listen to him.

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